What packaging do you use to deliver photos?

haringharing Registered Users Posts: 281 Major grins

Hey wedding photographers?

What packaging do you use to deliver photos? I always deliver the images on a (wooden) small drive. Is there a company you can recommend for packaging small wooden drives to deliver the final wedding photos to clients?



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    kdogkdog Administrators Posts: 11,681 moderator

    I had to Google "wooden drive" to see what you're talking about. Interesting, kinda cute.

    My standard package includes a Smugmug web gallery that enables downloads and print orders. I have an option for images on a DVD if they want media.

    If they want a keepsake, I make really nice albums as well.

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    christinaVictoriaBCchristinaVictoriaBC Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
    I like USB Canada (in Canadian dollars as well) and I use wooden USB sticks with my logo. I then always use a thank you card (or a pretty card) with a hand-written note, and I wrap the USB in wedding-style wrapping paper for an extra special touch.

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    FoquesFoques Registered Users Posts: 1,951 Major grins

    my go to is either a small tabletop album with a DVD or a custom made box with prints/drive

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    joshhuntnmjoshhuntnm Registered Users Posts: 1,924 Major grins

    They just download from my site.

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