Fun in Florida

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A few years ago my wife was invited to a convention in Orlando Florida, put on by the parent company of the company she works for. I was invited to tag along for the duration. Attached are a couple of the images I was able to make while there. The pier shot was taken on a rather grey and stormy day and the pano is of a town called Celebration. I'm told that originally it was built for the employees of Disney World. But now I believe anyone can live there.


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    Love that blue sky and clouds we rarely get! i can feel powerful waves in your second photo looks great in BW.

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    Thanks for your kind words, it is appreciated.

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    Great shots!!

    Really like the pier in BW!

    Did you shoot it in BW or was it originally in color and then converted?

    Well done.

    Thanks for sharing these!

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    Very good B&W image!

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