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The folks at Smugmug support suggested I speak up here. I'm considering upgrading my older Nikon D80 to a D7500. (as an amateur, I can't justify the cost of a D500 body). In looking at the features of the D7500 camera I see that one of it's wireless connectivity features is through something called SnapBridge. From what I read, it provides a means to wirelessly transfer one's shots FROM the D7500 TO my iPhone. Not sure if that's in real-time or what. But if my basic understanding of SnapBridge is correct, might there be an app for iOS that will provide the means of immediately funneling those images immediately up to one of my Smugmug cloud galleries as I click away? The smugmug support people mentioned something about working with the API. (I'm not a programmer.) Anyone have any experience with this Nikon SnapBridge system working in conjunction with Smugmug?


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    You can set Snapbridge to transfer directly from your camera to your phone.

    You can set the Smugmug app on your phone to upload new images from your camera roll to a Smugmug gallery.

    That gallery can be public or private, but you should be careful using it with "public" as it will upload every image from your phone, not just the ones from Snapbridge.

    You could use it to upload to a private gallery and then choose which ones you wanted to move to a public gallery.

    If you only take a dozen or so photos at a time then it might be feasible to use this, but if you're taking thousands of photos at a time then it will kill the battery on your phone and eat up your data.

    It'd be simpler to just use the Snapbridge app to manually select the images you want to transfer to your phone and then manually select them in the Smugmug app to upload them.

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