Sharing photos on facebook through SmugMug app

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I just download the SmugMug app update for iphones and I'm very happy to see that we can now share images to facebook instead of links. What I'm very disappointed with is the quality of the images being shared. They are tiny and pixelated! Please give us an option to share them at better quality! I've been waiting for this feature to be added, and now I don't want to use it, because my photos look like crap when shared from the app. If there's a way to change settings and improve the quality, please let me know ASAP.


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    DyunDyun Registered Users Posts: 45 Big grins

    P.S. Is there a way to share them via PC/mac on facebook? If not, that could also be a very useful option. As of right now, I hate sharing the single-photo or full gallery link. I want to be able to select a few photos and share them on facebook at HD quality at least, not necessarily full-size.

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    A few months ago Facebook made changes that essentially made it awful for us to build a great tool to share directly to Facebook from your desktop computer, so we removed the feature until Facebook gives us better options.

    For the app, do you know what your gallery’s Maximum Display Size setting is set to (you’ll need to look on a computer since we don’t show that option in the app yet)? If it’s set very small, that could be your issue. The app should share as large as that setting. For example, mine are set to X3 and photos look great when I share to FB

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    DyunDyun Registered Users Posts: 45 Big grins

    All of my galleries are set to "all but original", so that shouldn't be the problem. It's as high as it can go without showing the original size, and all the photos are uploaded at full resolution.

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    Can you give the steps of what you are doing to share images from the app to FB? Also what device and operating system?

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