Make a main menu link unclickable?

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I've forgotten the trick for this. I have a main menu link which I want unclickable, but on hovering, there's a list of sublinks which can be individually clicked. I thought the method was to blank out the title, but that's not working. Basically the main header is a cheat - there's really nothing to go to. The purpose of it is to direct the visitor to click any of the sub-links.

I tried creating a new folder and leaving it empty, but even that ends up being clickable.
I know there's a method for this, I can dredge up some of the olden days. :wink:

My site, and the link I'd like to edit can only be seen on the non-homepage pages. (The Homepage has a completely different navbar for the moment.) It's the search options link (blue in image below). Example page to see the navbar:


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