Asking to be blessed

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Kumbh Mela, listed on UNESCO, is the world’s largest religious festival held every 12 years. Here, I get the chance to witness the largest human gathering on earth that dwarfs all other events.

One of the most evoking sights is the appearance of the holy men known as "sadhus," who remain naked all year-round. They practice the most severe physical discipline and display their unusual practices in full glory. In order to reach the highest status, one has to endure pains in their journey seeking to be a sadhus. The last test in their “journey” is the beating of their phallus until their manhood and libido destroy !! For this reason, they are so highly revered. Many ordinary people, or those lacking in knowledge, will scramble to seek out their blessing and treat them as god.

My uncensored version:

Just do whatever it takes to receive the blessing

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