Client Event Registration Auto Gallery Creation

brendaryanphotographybrendaryanphotography Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
When a client registers to 'favorite' photos from an 'Event' is it possible to direct their fav gallery to be stored in a specific way in my SmugMug Organizer? I prefer to have their gallery be stored by year only. At this time, when a client registers their gallery is stored by year-month.

How it is: Organizer > Brenda Ryan > Event Favorites > 2019-06
How I'd like it: Organizer > Brenda Ryan > Event Favorites > 2019



  • Hero JackieHero Jackie Registered Users Posts: 18 Big grins

    There is not a way to have Favorite galleries go into a different folder or have it named with just the year and not month.

    You can move the galleries once they have selected all of their favorites but then the customer would need the new URL and if they chose new favorites, it would go back into that folder with year-month. I've also just tested it on my site. You can rename all the folders to just 2019 but then you'd have multiple 2019 folders under Event Favorites.

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