Need help tweaking mobile menu margins

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First, my website is johntedwardsphotography. This site wouldn't let me post it as a link but add a .com to the end and it will get you there.

I am very happy with the desktop version of my website. I am using one theme for the homepage, and all the other pages of the website are set to another theme. The two questions I have pertain to the mobile layout of the website:

1) I used the code from this thread: "eliminate margin in mobile view separate landing page without header" to eliminate the padding underneath my logo text and hamburger menu. When I did this however, it also got rid of the padding between my page contents and the last menu item "Contact". I would like to somehow bring back the padding between Contact and the bottom edge of the menu.

2) On a desktop, my logo text and menu items appear to be in the vertical center of my header, but on mobile, they are too close to the top. What can I do to adjust both my logo text and the hamburger menu to appear more in the vertical center of the header?

I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!!!!!

PS - I put a space between the period and the com in both links because it wouldn't let me actually post a link.


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