Inkcaps Through Laowa 15mm Macro on FF

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The lens can give a unique perspective for close-ups. It gives 1:1 at a working distance of under 5mm! These were taken at up to 0.2:1, with a working distance of something like 60 to 70mm.

These are the kind of images I wanted to use it for and suitable subjects and settings do not present themselves very often.

Using ultra wide-angle lenses is tricky, with a macro one it is all the more so. My technique need refinement but these images show what I want to achieve. In particular, I wanted to use it for stereos. Of course the best effect for wide angle lenses is obtained with a full frame camera, as used, but the files are huge and take much longer than my m4/3 ones to process and take up far more storage space.

This was a very dull, overcast morning, under thick cloud but these mushrooms may be at their best for only a few hours.

Some of the images were shot from a slightly higher viewpoint but, essentially, I was lying almost flat on the ground.

Sony Alpha A7r (aperture priority), Laowa 15mm f4 wide angle 1x macro lens, 1/20, 1/30 & 1/40 at f11.

The stereos are crosseye. All the images are uncropped.



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    This is a selection of the mushrooms a day later, when they were past their best.

    Olympus EM-1 (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 x2 TC, Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, f9 orf11, hand-held.


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