Photographing past the visible light spectrum II

El GatoEl Gato Global TrekkerRegistered Users Posts: 697 Major grins

Continuing my exploration into infra red (IR) photography.

I wandered down a narrow path to a somewhat "hidden" pond. Clear, quiet, summer's day. The setting and the reflection begged for an IR shot.

Conversion to black and white in post processing, creates a different "look and feel."

CC always welcomed.


  • JuanoJuano Major grins ColoradoRegistered Users Posts: 4,104 Major grins

    Very nice shot and processing! I'm tempted to give IR a try...

  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Registered Users Posts: 697 Major grins

    Thank you Juano...I appreciate your comment.

    I believe that you will enjoy a foray into IR and will get "hooked" once you investigate the creative avenues that this medium brings. Given where "home" is, you have almost an unlimited canvas to photograph in IR.

    Having lived briefly in Sao Paulo, I can only imagine what subjects you may have access to, which would make excellent IR images.

    Hope to see some of your images, when you take the leap to IR.

  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandAdministrators Posts: 12,645 moderator

    Do you have an IR converted camera?

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  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Registered Users Posts: 697 Major grins

    @David_S85 said:
    Do you have an IR converted camera?

    Hi David....

    Yes, I use an IR converted camera.

    My original and still in use digital camera is a Nikon D300.

    I really love that camera, so much so that I purchased a second one (at a really good price) and had it professionally converted to shoot IR.

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