Nicandra physalodes the Shoo-Fly Plant

e6filmusere6filmuser e6filmuserPosts: 2,625Registered Users Major grins

Every part of this plant is poisonous so just enjoy looking at it . :)

Olympus EM-1, (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, f8, hand-held.

The stereos are crosseye.



  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Posts: 345Registered Users Major grins

    Very nice!!

    Cool and soothing and at the same time...deadly

    Well taken shots!!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  • e6filmusere6filmuser e6filmuser Posts: 2,625Registered Users Major grins
    edited July 1, 2019

    Thanks, El Gato.

    I like the cup shape and the texture of the flower.


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