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I'm noticing that when I create a new gallery it automatically loads into that gallery if I'm creating it in a folder. It never used to do this and it's it's very annoying seeing as I tend to create multiple galleries in one folder at a time.


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    Thanks for your feedback. The improvement was a result of observing most customers upload photos directly after creating a new gallery; in folders with more than a few items, it can be really hard to find the new gallery. Automatically loading the new one creates a better experience. Could you tell us more about your scenario?

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    @leftquark I also find this annoying. There are two issues for me. The first is the same as the previous poster; the current behavior doesn't flow nicely when I am creating multiple galleries at once. The second? I have some of my folders set to manual sorting. Immediately after creating a new gallery I move it to the desired position.

    I understand that automatically moving into upload makes sense for some folks.
    I think this feature needs a site- or folder-specific setting to either jump into upload state or continue the previous behavior.

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    Basically that I need to create a few folders that either a watch folder program will upload into or I'll upload into later. I need it to be that it doesn't automatically load that folder because then I have to go back and do it again and then move them into the sort order I'd like. The old way worked for so long, why change it? I agree with the other poster above, why not make it a site specific setting.

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