Blue Featherleg or White-legged Damselfly Platycnemis pennipes

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In the UK it occurs only in the south. It is our only Featherleg species. I think these are all immature females. I am not an expert and am open to correction.

This is the first of the species I photographed, during a couple of hours, on my first visit to a local nature reserve which is said to have the most species of dragonflies and damselfly in the county. It is the BBWOT Decoy Heath. The dragons had to be taken with a focal length of 400mm but the damsels were mostly on shrubs (Gorse, Willow?), Heather) where I could use my goto setup.

The stereos are crosseye.

Olympus EM-1 (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 x2 TC, Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, f8 and f11, hand-held.



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