Cards? Chatbooks? Pricelist?

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I see cards are not longer offered in my customers shopping carts. And have read they are offered now through chatbooks this is annoying. i like to make things hassle free for my clients. I also like the option of creating my own pricelist for products my clients order.
Is there a way to set the pricing for cards through chatbooks? and whats the advantage for my client to order them through there are opposed to a service they are already registered with like shutterfly? Not sure how or why I should sell them on this.
This is a big hit for the pro users here and perhaps another reason to me to switch services entirely.


  • TeachTeach SmugMug Hero Registered Users Posts: 311 Major grins

    There is not a way to price cards for sale using the SmugMug shopping cart at this time.
    You will not be able to price items for sale using Chatbooks's platform either. You would need to buy from them and then you can resell to your customers.

    One of the advantages of Chatbooks is the great customer service when you have questions or need help.

    SmugMug Support Hero
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