Smugmug adds new Fine Art Papers

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Just noticed a pop-up on my site this morning:

I would like to thank the team at SM for adding these new fine art paper options for Bay Photo sellers. This is a perfect selection for those of us trying to offer high quality photo prints to customers.

The "Giclee Watercolor" option is gone, so those of you previously offering those will need to go into your price lists and choose one or more of the new options now available.



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    Glad you’re excited for the new fine art papers!

    The “Breathing Color Elegance Velvet” is the same paper as the old “Giclee Watercolor” but there were some complications renaming and moving it to the new “Fine Art Paper” category

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    I also think these new options are great. It means it's possible for people to order from Smugmug using fine art papers that are a lot more like what I use in my own printer.

    But I noticed one typo in the blog post. The blog text says "Epson Exhibit Fiber" but the actual name of that product is "Epson Exhibition Fiber" as it says in the image. I don't have a Medium account to add a comment there, so I'm reporting that here.

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