Images missing titles and descriptions

RobintaRobinta Sunderland, United KingdomPosts: 9Registered Users Big grins

Hi all.

I always manually add titles and descriptions to an image, directly in smugmug and it's worked fine for over 3 years.

Today I was editing a new batch and noticed ALL my existing photos in the galleries have lost their titles and descriptions.

Has anyone else heard of this and is there any fix other than manually re-entering all the info 😕





  • annnna8888annnna8888 Slovenian Support Her0 SloveniaPosts: 933Registered Users, Super Moderators SmugMug Employee
    edited July 15, 2019

    Robin, can you please email us at the support desk at help @ smugmug dot com? Include the link to the gallery in question and we will be happy to take a look.

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