Album creation sometimes returns wrong albumKey value.

sladdsladd Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
We've built an app that utilizes the api so that our employees don't need accounts in smugmug. Our app allows them to create an album and upload photos to it in a single step within the app. What we have found is that the album will be created, however; sometimes the albumKey returned in response to the creation request is not the key to retrieve the album through the api. It appears to be hit or miss as our app works 90%, but then randomly we get a 404 when querying for an existing album . Since we only store the albumKey property returned to us by the create response, we're confused as to how its not always the same value to find the album. I've gone so far as to log into smugmug on a few of these problem albums and I note that the albumKey property returned in the response is actually the custom url key, not the actual albumKey. As I said, this only happens in 10% of cases, but we don't use the url key for any of our work, so I'm confused as to how this is coming down as the album key sometimes.
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