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I am trialling Smugmug and I find it very useful. However, before I commit, I would like to ask a few questions specific to my particular circumstances. I am by no means a practised photographer, instead, more of an enthusiastic amateur.

I will shortly be going on safari in Africa for 14 weeks. 85% of our time will be camping in tents away from Wi-Fi and probably mobile phone signals. This means that I will have to do all my editing offline. That's fine but I like to write a blog everyday and include photos.

The problem is when I try to upload my blog containing photos, even one. The bandwidth available is usually so poor that it will not load or will take an inordinate length of time.

What would be really useful would be the ability to insert or embed a link in my blog that would show up as a photo when published. This would mean that I don't have to upload any physical photos to the web. I know it was possible to do this while online but wondering is there any capacity to use SmugMug to read my photos from my camera SD card, do any editing that is necessary and then make a HTTP hyperlink which I can embed in my text and then upload the relatively small data files when I eventually hit a WiFi oasis.

I use a Canon 200D with a Canon 10-18mm and Tamron 18-400mm lenses. My computer is an Asus Chromebook C302 Flip and a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone for hot-spot.

Thanks for reading this

Kindest regards

Brian Ó'hÚrdail


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