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My Nikon D4 and D4S are getting long in the tooth and with a D6 possibly on the horizon I'm not interested in a D5.

If I get a DX D500 and use my prime lenses on it will it always be effectively cropping it?

Is there anyway my 200 prime (or any prime) will shoot @ the prime length on a DX D500 I don't need/want the extra reach.

thanks in advance for any feedback, suggestions etc.

I'm looking at the D500 based on it's use of the EXPEED 5 processor also found in the D5.


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    The short answer is, "No! There is no way for a crop-sensor dSLR to allow a Full-Frame (FF) dSLR Field-Of-View (FOV)/Angle-Of-View (AOV) with the same focal length lens".

    You could purchase a Crop-Mirrorless body (Sony or Fujifilm?) and add a Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x Adapter which would provide a nearly normal FOV/AOV compared to FF, plus the effective aperture actually improves with this combination. Count on reduced sports/action performance and degraded edges and corners too.

    My recommendation is to keep what you have, as long as it's still working, until the D6 comes out and you know the qualities and properties well enough to determine if an upgrade is a good idea, or not.

    Alternately, try a D500 with your existing lenses and see if you might like your current lenses on that body, and consider one or two additional new lenses if you really need them. I actually find that toting both a FX/FF body and a DX/Crop body gives me some interesting scene framing options.

    Alternately-2, rent a D5 and see if it solves any problems for you, which could justify the purchase now.

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    appreciate your reply Ziggy. I've hashed it over and decided to go ahead and ordered a D500 today. I really don't want to tempt myself with a D5 if the D6 comes along next year which seems to be the general consensus. I've been pondering the D500 for winter birding with the 600 prime so the extra reach will help there but I also do a lot of high school basketball and the 200 prime can sometimes be too much length in a gym but I'm interested to see how the D500 does in most gyms tough lighting..$1500 for a new toy is cheap enough and with the D4S acting up on me I don't want to be down to one body and a tired one at that with the D4, and today is my birthday....I shoot motorcycle racing 3 seasons a year and these things take a beating with the heat and dust etc. and folks spend a LOT of money racing motocross, and to get 5 years plus out of these bodies is...pretty cheap as most hobbies go all things considered..thanks again for the feedback.

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