DSLR Advice for a newbie

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Hi guys

I want to try the DSLR photography world and am looking for advice on which camera to start off with. I have so far been comparing a couple of Canons and am trying to decide which model to go with. Options I'm looking at are:

1-Canon 1200D
2-Canon 1300D
3-Canon 100D

The 1300D and 100D are equal price wise, with the 1200D being R1000 cheaper than the other 2. All the options I'm considering come with the 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens (Takealot Twin lens bundles). Which one of the 3 would be the best option for someone who is starting out? Is there some other brand / model i should be considering maybe?


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    You don't mention photographic interests, like portraits, children, scenics, landscapes, architectural, sports, etc. Knowing your interests will result in better recommendations from us.

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    Canon 1200D has better imaging, features, value, portability with Large APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) sensor as compare to Canon 1100D

    Advantages of the Canon EOS 100D:
    Better jpgs: Has a more modern image processing engine (DIGIC 5 vs DIGIC 4+).
    Better live-view autofocus: Features on-sensor phase-detection for more confident autofocus.
    Better sound: Can connect to an external microphone for higher quality sound recording.
    Larger viewfinder image: Features a viewfinder with a higher magnification (0.54x vs 0.50x).
    More detailed LCD: Has a higher resolution rear screen (1040k vs 920k dots).
    Fewer buttons to press: Is equipped with a touch-sensitive rear screen to facilitate handling.
    Faster burst: Shoots at higher frequency (4.9 vs 3 flaps/sec) to capture the decisive moment.
    More compact: Is smaller (117x91mm vs 129x101mm) and thus needs less room in the bag.
    Less heavy: Is lighter (by 78g or 16 percent) and hence easier to carry around.
    Faster buffer clearing: Has an SD card interface that supports the UHS-I standard.
    More heavily discounted: Has been available for much longer (launched in March 2013).

    Arguments in favor of the Canon EOS 1300D:
    Longer lasting: Gets more shots (500 versus 380) out of a single battery charge.
    Easier file upload: Has wifi built in for automatic backup or image transfer to the web.
    Easier device pairing: Supports NFC for fast wireless image transfer over short distances.
    More affordable: Was released into a lower priced segment (18 percent cheaper at launch).
    More modern: Reflects 2 years and 11 months of technical progress since the 100D launch.
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    I'm inclined to go with @ziggy53 's thoughts as a starting point. What do you shoot? What are your interests? You say you want to try the DSLR photography world. Do you shoot now with anything beyond, say, a smart phone? Is there something you want to shoot but are incapable of doing now with the gear you have?

    Given you're starting with your first DSLR, it almost doesn't make much difference as to what you get, as long as you use it. Beginner DSLRs today are technologically amazing and can do most anything a beginning DSLR user could want. Ultimately though, it's about what you want to do to make your photos. I've known people with very expensive gear who are seriously good and nice people, but cannot take a decent photo. If you're busy or unable to make the time to learn how to use a DSLR, there are likely better and less expensive options for you. A "nice" camera is no good if you spend money on it and never use it.

    Unless you have a very specific set of criteria you need in a first DSLR, you might want to consider setting a budget first. Look for decent prices from reputable retailers/resellers. I'm assuming you're in South Africa, so I can't advise on retailers/resellers, but if you've never heard of a dealer before, you might want to choose another. You're looking at Canon. Check out the website for Canon in South Africa. If you see a dealer deeply discounting Canon's prices, that's probably a scam.

    Good luck! It's an exciting time, but ultimately it's about taking your pictures.

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