DSLR Advice for a newbie

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Hi guys

I want to try the DSLR photography world and am looking for advice on which camera to start off with. I have so far been comparing a couple of Canons and am trying to decide which model to go with. Options I'm looking at are:

1-Canon 1200D
2-Canon 1300D
3-Canon 100D

The 1300D and 100D are equal price wise, with the 1200D being R1000 cheaper than the other 2. All the options I'm considering come with the 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens (Takealot Twin lens bundles). Which one of the 3 would be the best option for someone who is starting out? Is there some other brand / model i should be considering maybe?


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    You don't mention photographic interests, like portraits, children, scenics, landscapes, architectural, sports, etc. Knowing your interests will result in better recommendations from us.

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