MINI-CHALLENGE #287: Finding Joy and Tranquility in Nature (CLOSED)

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The next challenge will be one that celebrates natural treasures around the world, but with a particular emphasis: Human joy. Please share images which communicate the peace, tranquility, happiness, and wonder that occurs when humans visit beautiful, natural places, as recognized by government protection, UNESCO, etc. This can include national parks, monuments, state or regional parks, the UK's "areas of outstanding natural beauty", and the like. Please name the location clearly in a caption. I want to celebrate natural wonders and the joy they impart!

Here are a few samples from my own collection (some of which you may have seen already):

  1. Peace. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, in the Norris Geyser Basin campground.

  2. Playfulness. Stout Grove, Redwoods National and State Parks, California, USA.

  3. Joy. Northumberland National Park, UK (photo taken by my husband: Heather among the heather :smile:)

  4. Unbridled Joy. Sequoia National Forest, California, USA, at Stony Creek campground

  5. Wonder. Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

  6. Tranquility. Gold Bluffs Beach, Prairie Creek State Park (part of the Redwoods), California

Good luck, happy shooting and this mini will stay open until Tuesday July 30, 2019, midnight, Pacific time.

1. Have fun sharing and seeing what others share!
2. The host supplies a topic and you post 1-3 images. The host judges the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and is not eligible to enter.
The 1st place winner then chooses the next topic, judges the winner and then passes on the baton to the new champion.
3. Any photo you’ve taken is eligible, regardless of when taken or camera used.
4. Any amount of post-processing is allowed. However, it is helpful if you list your camera and lens along with your photo.
You may comment on other contestant's images. If you want someone to leave you some critique or criticism, just ask within your post.
5. The winner has up to three days (72 hours) to begin a new mini-challenge, or the honor goes to the #2 finisher and so forth.

1. Enter 1-3 photos and put them in a single post.
2. Either embed your image in the thread or, if you must, supply a link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website).
3. Also try and resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (~800 pixels on the longest side works best.)
4. Give each image you enter a title.
5. Enjoy discussion with members about their images, don't let this just be an entry thread!
6. When quoting a post change the IMG urls to a 200x200 size picture so it is clear your post is feedback and not another entry. (see here for help)
7. Don't be hesitant, share'em and enter!

Mini-Challenge pointers:
1. Upon winning a mini-challenge round your first step is coming up with a new theme, and start a new thread using the same format as others have used.
2. Make sure to notify the admin of this thread to update the main thread links with your entry thread.
3. Feel free to watch the thread as it grows or wait to the end time and look at all the entries all at once.
4. After the time/date has passed, then officially close the thread with a single post notifying everyone of the fact.
5. After you're finished judging start a new thread (again use the prior formats) and post your Winner and runners-up, it is important to have runners up in case the winner does not show within the 72hr window.
6. PM the winner with this info above and let them know they have 72hrs.
7. After the 72hrs and the winner does not show up, notify the next runner-up and post a message on the Winner thread of the fact.
8. Remember, if you're the Winner, you run the show.


  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 2,368 Major grins
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    Ineresting mini, Heather. Good choice.

    1) I'll start with Monument Valley, Arizona. A sweeping view with people at the lookout in awe of the valley. Most people standing here or at the lookout are awed by the majesty of the structures.

    2) Ths is Lake Tenaya in Yosemite National Park, Ca in 2011. This was the year that it was accessible during the winter due to drought. Typically the Tioga Pass is closed during winter because of the large snowfall. This year there was little snow but freezing temperatures which froze the lake and since the pass stayed open, people flocked to the lake to ice-skate and play on the ice. At the other end of the lake there was actually in impromptu ice hockey game going on. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    3) Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) - The joy of photographers ignoring the signs of no trespassing and getting the ultimate sulphur pool shot.

  • double_entendredouble_entendre Gene pool chlorinator Registered Users Posts: 141 Major grins

    Hmmmmm. This should be interesting. I'm not sure I have any photos with people in them, but I'm not too far from a couple state beaches and it is the season. Hmmmmmmm.

    Might have to try to participate here.

    Love the story about Lake Tenaya. I hadn't heard about that. Looks like a blast.

  • slpollettslpollett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,095 Major grins topic. I know I have plenty, but need to find them. :)

    1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is my daughter by one of the many creeks in the park. She said she could sit there and listen to the babbling brook forever because it was so peaceful and pretty.

    2. My husband and daughter on the trail to the Landscape Arch at Arches National Park.

    I have another pic in mind that I just need to find. I will add it later.

    Sherry P.

  • StueveShotsStueveShots Major grins PNW MountiansRegistered Users Posts: 542 Major grins

    Thank you for the submissions so far! They are exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see. (I suspect I'll be making a new bucket list as I view all these photographs. :smile: )

  • grandmaRgrandmaR Major grins Southern Maryland Registered Users Posts: 1,732 Major grins

    1.. John C Beasley Park (Fort Walton Beach) in the winter

    1. Kite flying in the grass area known as the esplanade on the San Juan National Historic Site (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)

    2. Morning walk followed by breakfast in the Serengeti National Park

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
  • lkbartlkbart Wandering in left field~ Derby, KansasRegistered Users Posts: 1,763 Major grins

    Great subject & great entries!

    1. Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Forest, Colorado

    2. Muir Woods, California

    3. Looking Glass Falls in Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 556 Many Grins

    Great mini topic, and I love the entries. My bucket list just got longer...

    1. Isaac Lake, Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia. The canoe circuit begins with three long and steep portages. This shot was taken as we launched after the third portage, and realized the sweat was all worth it and then some!

    1. Cariboo Falls, Bowron Lakes Provincial Park.

    1. Evening light at Burnaby Narrows, Gwaii Haanas National Park Researve, British Columbia

  • StueveShotsStueveShots Major grins PNW MountiansRegistered Users Posts: 542 Major grins

    Wow! Great new entries. I may regret will be hard to make a choice. But, my travel list is growing ever longer! Keep them coming, folks!

  • pegellipegelli Major grins BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 5,851 Major grins

    Great theme!

    Ice fishing on Pikku Siikalampi near Taivalkoski in Finland

    Enjoying the view in Sierra de Mijas in the south of Spain

    Overlooking the Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves near Casarabonela in Spain

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
  • StueveShotsStueveShots Major grins PNW MountiansRegistered Users Posts: 542 Major grins

    Thanks for all the great submissions! For all the rest of you..time is getting short...get your photos in! Make my life even more difficult. :smiley:

  • bfluegiebfluegie Big grins IndianaRegistered Users Posts: 552 Major grins

    When photographing in the national parks I usually try to avoid people so I could only find one photo for this challenge.
    Rainy Day at Mirror Lake

    While photographing at Mirror Lake in Yosemite this young lady walked in front of my camera. Usually when someone does that I just stop shooting until they leave or I recompose to avoid getting the person in the shot. But this little girl was so cute with all her PINK rain gear that I just had to take the shot anyway. I have no idea who she is, just that she seemed happy stomping in the lake with her awesome boots.

  • StueveShotsStueveShots Major grins PNW MountiansRegistered Users Posts: 542 Major grins

    This challenge is now closed. I will do my best to post results in the next day or two. (Work is a bear this week!) Well done, all!

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