Photos not displaying correct size and aspect ratio

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NOTE: I copied the "page source" on an old website page I am mirroring and posted it onto my page for easy access while recreating the text and inserting the photos. Then I deleted the old page source from the page. I'm not sure if this might be related.

I'm having this problem with a bunch of photos on the page I am editing:

  1. The first screen cap below shows the normal size of the photo while viewing it in Paintshop Pro.

  2. The second cap shows how tiny it is when I use the "Single Photo" widget to display it on my page. At first it was tiny and square. Now it is tiny and with the correct aspect ratio, but really small (I don't know why that changed). The only way for it to not be small is to choose 'Photos size: Fill Width," which makes it huge, and obviously distorted enough that it is being resized from the tiny size. All other options, small, large, fit width, the photo is tiny.

  3. The third cap shows that it is distorted when I view the gallery in organizer.

  4. The fourth cap shows that the photo is the correct size when I view it in SM Editor.

Thanks for your time.

Jana Bess
Las Vegas Nevada USA


  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Lille Ulven ScandinaviaPosts: 525Registered Users Major grins

    Just an idea: the gallery in which you store this photo, is that restricted in what size you can view the photo by chance?

    Good luck

    Lille Ulven / Wiebke - The Photos of my travels - The Stories of my travels
  • Jana BessJana Bess Smugger since 2012 Posts: 44Registered Users Big grins
    edited July 18, 2019

    Thanks Lille, I did figure this out, and that was how. I set the restriction on size of viewing the photo to 'ORIGINAL,' then chose 'ORIGINAL' for the size in ADD PHOTO. I'm assuming this is always best when working with small photos. Thanks again.

    Jana Bess
    Las Vegas Nevada USA

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