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I'm trying to do my homework. Looking at Mike and Aaron's CSS customizations before I ask (plus search here). Didn't find this one.

How can I create a color block behind a Multiple Photos widget on my homepage. I placed it at the top to make it easier: >>>> "Instinct Season Two Episode 3 caps"

I would like to add a percentage to the color block behind the photos (to make it transparent) and specify the color. All of this to make the dark photos more visible - (there's a trend towards darker scenes in movies/TV, I think).

I think I found the correct widget (see attachment): sm-page-widget-GzNX2m4b

QUESTION #2: I moved the Multiple Photos Widget to the top of my homepage to make it easier to learn how to find the widget number, then I will move it back down aways. Will the widget number stay the same when I move it?

Major thanks as always.

Jana Bess
Las Vegas Nevada USA



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