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According to the app store The current 3.6.6 build of the SmugMug iOS app should have an option to "copy to instagram" that allows users to "filter, tag and caption your photos before posting". However I'm just seeing the generic share icon (box with up arrow) and when I use that and select Instagram I only have the option to caption. If I open the ... menu I don't see a copy to instagram option either. Am I missing something? Thanks.


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    If you’ve selected only one photo, the “Copy to Instagram” option should appear in addition to “Instagram”. It maybe be towards the end if you haven’t gone into the “More...” option and re-arranged them (which I’ve done).

    If you’ve multi-selected multiple photos, the “Copy to Instagram” option isn’t available since IG wants multiple photos to be shared through their app

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    Ah, thank you I stopped at Instagram and didn't keep going.
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