Deleting a Sharegroup

sprspr Beginner grinnerPosts: 4Registered Users Big grins

I created a Sharegroup with 10 galleries as a test, I now want to remove the galleries and delete the Sharegroup. I web and Digital Grin searched this and I'm still not able to get an answer anywhere. Can anyone help please. Many thanks


  • sprspr Beginner grinner Posts: 4Registered Users Big grins

    Hi, I was able to figure it out, thanks

  • rainforest1155rainforest1155 SmugMug Support Hero Posts: 4,508Registered Users Major grins

    I'm glad to hear you were able to find the option. As a reference for others, deleting a sharegroup is an option while you edit the sharegroup. Then you should see the "Delete Sharegroup" button on the bottom left.

    SmugMug Support Hero
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