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CarloSaltCarloSalt Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins

Can I setup SmugMug so that I can print my own images and dispatch myself. I would like to maintain full control of this aspect



  • rnrjoshrnrjosh Registered Users Posts: 266 Major grins

    At this time, the SmugMug shopping cart will require that you use one of the print labs we work with. All orders placed through the SmugMug shopping cart will be printed and shipped by one of the print labs. There's not a self-fulfillment option available at the moment, sorry.

    There is the option to enable a Proof Delay option in your galleries:

    This option allows you to set a 1-7 business day delay on your client orders, before they are sent to the lab. This will allow you to do things like adjust cropping, or upload an edited/retouched version of any photo, and you can release any order to print whenever you are ready. This will give you a bit more control over your client orders.

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