I hate my neighbors they cut down so many trees

windozewindoze a life long newbiePosts: 2,843Registered Users Major grins

My neighbors cut down so may tress to make their land more "marketable". I used to get woodpeckers, nuthatches, wrens etc. Just recently I purchased a 80D ( upgrade from my 40D ). Spent all day looking for my "backyard" birds but the only visitor that showed up was a cute little critter.........
I hate my neighbors!
80D with 100-400 II on board.


  • double_entendredouble_entendre Gene pool chlorinator Posts: 137Registered Users Major grins

    So sorry to hear about that.

    I despise my neighbors, but it's about their stereo (and fighting) in my case.

    Wife and I hope to move to someplace near Olympic National Park someday, the closer the better.

    Great pic of that guy. Fabulous resolution. And as long as he stays out of your attic, he's a good neighbor.

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