New lightbox - Map is gone?

phaserbeamphaserbeam Major grinsPosts: 452Registered Users Major grins

Am i missing something or are visitors unable to view location of the photo on a map? Photos do have location data, and location is printed in photo details. If i want to see the map myself i have to go to Organize and switch the map location from Edit/LoctionData.


  • phaserbeamphaserbeam Major grins Posts: 452Registered Users Major grins

    OK, i got feedback from the support heroes... another feature removed for now, may be back in the future. Solution: Add a map content block for a gallery... :/
    Don't get me wrong.. i can live with that. But i this is... Perpetual beta... Ask wikipedia for it.

    And in my opinion this was not an improvement... the new lightbox is different, but i can't see where it is better...

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