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anglotexiananglotexian Registered Users Posts: 40 Big grins

Is there a bulk setting to remove buy buttons on all galleries? I'm sure I had found a way to do this once, but since the new lightbox they are back!


  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Registered Users Posts: 567 Major grins

    In my mind, they should not be visible if you set the "buy photos" option in the gallery settings to "no".
    However, if you are logged in it will always show.

    Otherwise, this would work for the gallery cover / new lightbox:
    .sm-gallery-cover-buy-button /for the gallery cover/
    , .sm-lightbox-v2-photo-buttons .sm-lightbox-buy-button /for the lightbox if you only want to remove the lightbox remove the first line of code and the comma in the second/
    display: none;
    } - The Photos of my travels
  • JtringJtring Registered Users Posts: 673 Major grins

    I think you can work it with CSS, but try this first. It's the solution I've opted for to minimize the footprint of the "Buy" function. I'm being very detailed below, but I'll guess many of these steps are familiar.

    Go to one of your galleries, hit Customize from the Smugmug top bar, and select "Content and Design". In the bar that opens up at the right, there is an entry "Lightbox". When you mouse over it, a wrench appears. Click the wrench. Inside the dialog box that opens, down at the bottom, is a selection for "Buy Button Style". Selecting "Icon" gets rid of the big button over the image in the lightbox but does keep a small shopping cart icon in the new lightbox's left-side navbar. It's not too obtrusive.

    If all your galleries use the All Galleries template, doing that once finishes the job. If you have made any galleries custom, then you have to work those one by one.

    In the Organizer, you also want to turn the Visitor's Shopping Cart off if you haven't already done so. Open the Organizer, select a bunch of galleries and/or folders that contain galleries, and hit the Settings button. Note that if all your galleries live inside one top level folder, you can just select that, even if there are layers of sub-folders between that top folder and the galleries. In any case, if your selection includes folders, you may then wish to select the option "All Galleries Within Folders" that pops up. Having done that your are in the Bulk Gallery Settings interface for everything selected. Select the Shopping tab, click the box next to Visitor Shopping Cart (it will be light gray until you click it), select "Off", and hit the Save button below. That will get rid of the icon for visitors, but not for you when logged in.

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Registered Users Posts: 567 Major grins

    @Jtring thanks for the idea of the buy button not to show on the image in the lightbox, it works really nicely! - The Photos of my travels
  • anglotexiananglotexian Registered Users Posts: 40 Big grins

    Thanks Jim... it was the bulk setting for Visitor Shopping Cart that I had forgotten about!

  • brlewisbrlewis Registered Users Posts: 36 Big grins

    Jtring - Jim, what a great tip, I did not know about the lightbox wrench/setting, thank you very much!!!

  • JtringJtring Registered Users Posts: 673 Major grins

    Glad it helped.

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
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