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Why did the sharing options get changed AGAIN? This new format makes you hunt for little icons. Why make changes without checking with customers? How is this new layout better than previous versions?
What other changes were made recently?

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    We have some improvements to sharing coming soon but I'm not aware of any changes to sharing at this time.

    The Lightbox, the window that displays your photo as big and beautiful as possible, received a major update last week. As we mentioned in our announcement post, we spent a considerable amount of time with SmugMuggers and your viewers understanding pain-points, desired outcomes, testing potential design iterations, and more:

    Their input and design testing have shaped the SmugMug products and features you enjoy, and this feedback has been invaluable on our mission to giving your photos the attention they deserve. This new Lightbox design was a product of exactly this kind of involvement with photographers like you. (No really, thank you!)

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