The Narrows, Zion National Park

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Hi all,

I managed to visit Zion for a few days and finally got to hike The Narrows during summer. I was afraid of the crowds - hence took the first shuttle at 6 AM. Even then, I was surprised seeing the lines for the first shuttle on a weekday (about 60% of the crowd couldn't get on the first shuttle). Anyway, I hiked up The Narrows on two days (with a day apart the hikes) and it was fabulous. I was always under the illusion that the best light would be during early to late morning, but I found the afternoon light to be gorgeous in certain sections of the canyon. I couldn't make it all the way to Big Springs as the water levels were higher than chest level in certain areas and I didn't want to swim with my gear (even though I had a dry bag). Here are some shots from the hike - if you can get away and check out The Narrows, please do so. BTW, in the first shot, there was a little wind blowing and hence the tree leaves might seem blurry.



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