New Lightbox - Customize Lightbox 'Buy' Sidebar Title and Labels

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I'm trying to figure out how to change the text that appears in the sidebar when you click the buy button in the Lightbox. Currently it says 'Buy This Photo'. The CSS that controls that seems to be '.sm-com-lb-sidebar-title' , but I'm not sure of the code needed to replace that (My efforts got close, but not quite). I also want to change the label on the Buy Multiple Photos button.

I posted in the New Lightbox thread, but it got lost in all of the other posts. Thanks!


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    The way SM designed it now, I'm not seeing any way to do that. The selectors are too generic. If you change the text on one .sm-com-lb-sidebar-title you change them all.

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    Hmmm, unfortunate.

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    edited November 18, 2019

    @leftquark Just curious, are there any plans to make this customizable? Would be nice to have it consistent across the board. That, or turn off the sidebar altogether, I actually liked my old category pictures better.

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    For the moment we don't have any plans on allowing customization within the store and its options. We're constantly iterating on the store to optimize buying and selling and we'd hate for you to miss out on something ... or have one of our updates break your customization. For example, we saw huge improvements by using the new Commerce Sidebar in the Lightbox, over the old overlay for adding items to purchase, and we've now rolled the new version out everywhere.

    Of course decisions can always be changed if there's a large desire for it and it turns out to be helpful.

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