New: "Commerce Focused Lightbox" Option will help you sell more

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In conjuncture with the new Lightbox, we want to help our Pro's sell more photos: you can now display your products in the Lightbox as soon as it launches. Enable "Commerce Focused Lightbox" in your gallery settings to take advantage of this.

The new setting, entitled Commerce Focused Lightbox can be found in the "Shopping" section of your Gallery Settings:

When enabled, whenever you or a visitor opens a photo in the Lightbox, the shopping categories will already be displayed, as if the viewer pressed the "Buy" button. This calls attention to the fact that your photos are available for sale.

For now, this setting defaults to "OFF" and must be enabled for each gallery. You can use Bulk Settings to apply this to specific galleries or all your galleries in your account. You can also create a new Quick Setting with this enabled, if you choose.

This is only available to customers on the Portfolio or Pro (formerly the "Business") plans.

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