RESULTS:MINI-CHALLENGE #288: Primary Colours

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As I expected based on past experience with the talent in this crowd, everyone submitted incredibly strong sets,
each of which included at least one image worthy of placing. And, since I have to at least identify a winner to take
on the next challenge, this is pretty tough.

@grandmaR, I loved the story about your father, you and the image of your sister, which really set the stage for the mini.
Your submitted set was great, and #3, the image of the young man in the blue hoodie was an especially compelling story
with the blue of the hoodie framing a somewhat enigmatic expression.

@stueveShots - #3, the image of the poppies at the Tower of London, is really nice. The primary colour helps to tell the s
tory, and the volunteers in red shirts link the poppies to the volunteer effort.

@JAG - Your #3, " One of these things is not like the other" is also a great story. The pose of the person under the blue
umbrella is quite poignant, it has a wistful quality.

@cavalier - #3, Yellow Bugatti, is a very cool image. Yellow is the brightest colour on the spectrum, and commands attention.
It says "look at me" , but is really hard to manage in an image. You have framed the yellow car in a diagonal line that connects
to the blue tent, and leads you into the background and the rest of the image, which lends context to the whole.

@pegelli - #1, Blue bikes, is a really neat image. The symmetry of the bikes in a line, with repeating elements and the shadow
lines projected behind, combined with a the pattern of cobblestones, is sublime. There are leading lines (where are the bikes going?) a
nd there is tension (why are they gathered together?). I ask myself, is the sun setting and the day is done, or is this dawn
and the bikes are ready to start another day?

@sarasphotos - #3 is a fabulous image. The red kayak in motion is dramatic, the image is crisp where it needs to be, and
the motion is blurred in the right spots. The framing is perfect, with the hull of the boat almost bisecting the frame into two triangles.

@slpollett - #1 is beautiful. The red shoulder attracts my attention immediately and then leads me to the eyes, and the way
the cat's ear mirrors the shape of the nose. The red shoulder really is the entry to the image, and it sets off the red highlights i
n the model's hair.

@kurzvorzwoelf - Love #1, the red door. This is a dramatic image that makes you ask "what is behind that door?"
I do have to add a question though - what is the red tube in #3? an elevator? a waste disposal chute?

@lkbart - what can I say? #1 Red cow! I love the way the cow is posed in the foreground, demanding attention, yet ignored
by all those in the background.

@sapphire73. In #1, The yellow line on the road makes a lovely, bright leading line in an otherwise relatively drab coloured landscape.

@bfluegie - #3, Red cottages on Aurlandsfjord, is a very nice composition. The position of the cottages, with the soft reflections
in the water, is very restful. and the lines of the beach and the road above the cottages lead your eye to explore the image further.

So on to the places and winners. HMs to all contributors, as above. As I said at the start, what a very cool set of images with a
potential winner in every set.

Third Place - @slpollet - #1, a girl and her cat. As I said above, the red splash of the red sweater on the shoulder really enhances what is a very pretty
image to start. The dynamic ranges is great, from deep shadows under the cat, to the highlights in the model's hair.

Second Place - @Sarasphotos. #3, Red Kayak in motion. A super dramatic instant, captured perfectly. Red is a colour of danger, strength
and power, and I don't think any other colour on the kayak would have suited this image as well.

And the winner - @pegelli. #1. Blue bikes for a green city. The repeated blue bike fenders lead the eye into the frame from the foreground.
The shadow line extending behind each bike gives a sense of motion, and makes the mind invent context. Blue is a colour of depth and
confidence, and is very calming, which suits this image perfectly.

Thanks to everyone for contributing such great images. I had a wonderful time exploring each image. Over to you Pieter. I am looking forward to the next challenge!


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    Nicely done @DavidRGillespie . This was an excellent challenge! Congrats to @pegelli Pieter for the win and to @sarasphotos and @slpollett for your placings as runner ups. Nice work everyone!

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    This was a really fun mini. Thank you for running it.
    When I first posted the photo of the boy in the blue hoodie (my grandson Dakota who was 13 in the photo), my other grandson asked me "What have you done with Cody?" (I don't know what he was thinking but we were waiting for dinner and service was slow)

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    Fun mini - nicely run. Congrats to everyone for some brilliant shots. Looking forward to Pieter's mini!

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    edited August 31, 2019

    Thank you for the great mini, the wonderful comments, and the third place! I appreciate that so much. This is one of my favorite photos of my daughter and her sweet kitty Miss Sugar. Neither of them really like me pointing my camera at them, so I was pleased to get this one. :) I also really loved Red Door, the Red Kayak, and the red cottages! Can't you tell I love red? Congrats to Pegelli on the win and Sara for the second place. Can't wait to see the next theme.

    Sherry P.

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    Congrats to Sherry and Sara for the other honourable places and thanks to Dave for a nicely run mini, all the detailed comments and of course selecting my shot as the winner. Never expected that but it's a nice surprise.

    I'll put my thinking cap on and see what subject I can put up for the next mini, stay tuned!

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Congrats to the well deserved winners and thanks a lot for running this mini as well as for the commentary, @DavidRGillespie ! Unfortunately, I don't exactly know the purpose of the red tube, but I suppose it is just a simple staircase.

    Wise words from the Dog of Wisdom: If your ball is too big for your mouth, it's not yours.

    I'm here to learn and progress. Honest feedback and criticism on my images is warmly appreciated!

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