How can I reorganize a bunch of galleries into one subfolder and still keep things sync'd with LR?

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I'm using Lightroom Classic with the smugmug plugin which is awesome. I've been using it for years and have hundreds of galleries sync'd in a bunch of different main category folders. Due to some new momentum in my photography career, I'd like to take many (but not all) galleries in one specific category folder and put them into a subfolder called "Years past" so I only keep the current year's galleries in this folder and all my old work is still available in this category... What would happen if I did the folder restructuring in LR vs on Smugmug directly? I've spent so many hours in the past syncing files I'm afraid to muck this up. I figure the best way is to do it in LR, but will that have to re-upload EVERYTHING and will it retain the same gallery settings and such or will it essentially make new galleries and I'll have to find cover pictures, tags, etc. for each one I move? It's odd to have been using this for years but feel like such a newb at the same time.


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    I think if you just move galleries around on the Lightroom sidebar that the changes will automatically propagate to Smugmug. No re-uploading. Not even a need to do a manual sync. I just ran a test with one gallery, using LR Classic 8.4 with the SmugMug plugin, and it seemed to do just that. Try it with one of your galleries (or create a small test gallery) and go look on SmugMug to see if they moved.

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    I moved a lot around and it looks like it darn near moves it as soon as you make the changes without publishing. So that's pretty awesome. Thanks for clearing this up for me...

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