Want to sell random pictures online. Not sure where to start.

fizzyfizzyfizzofizzyfizzyfizzo Posts: 1Registered Users Beginner grinner
Hi, I'm thinking of selling some of my photos online and am looking for inspiration on how to lay them out on a website. Wondering if anyone could assist?

My main problem is I just can't figure out what'd work best. I have around 75 pictures to sell. And they're very random! There might be a few flower shots, a few from Sydney, a few from the USA and some scenic beach pictures from my local town etc etc.

Feels silly separating them out into categories (eg; USA, Flowers, Sydney) because there isn't enough photos for each.

But then if I splat them out on a single page I'm not sure if that'd work either as there's too many!

Just wondering what others do in similar situations. Hope you don't mind me asking.

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