Set up custom Domain with Plesk

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I'm just trying to set up a custom domain name, according to the "Use a custom Domain" guide. (

For "1. Point your CNAME 'www' to" I made these settings within PLESK, that runs on my virtual server:

**For "2. Within the domain forwarding area, point the version of your domain address without the www to the address with the www: >" **:

I can't find a way to define this. There is no possibility, to forward "" to "". All I can do is to redirect the complete domain to another domain. I made two screenshots of the setting that I can find, concerning domain forwarding/hosting settings for the domain. I'm sorry, that it is in German, but maybe anyone can find the necessary entries, anyway. Maybe someone uses PLESK, too?

Thanks a lot for your help


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    Problem solved. There was another panel from my webhoster, I had to configure, instead the one in Plesk.

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    Thanks for letting us know and glad to hear it is working for you now.

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