Security possibly compromised? What tools do we have to track things down?

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I recently got back into photography - it's been pretty stagnant for half a year or so. I moved a lot of my sports pictures around in Lightroom Classic and the plugin moved them appropriately to match on my smugmug site - it's wonderful. There are four new galleries I put online in my sports folder - and gave out links to two of them - those galleries have been accessed today - but so have a LOT of my other galleries that are password protected that I haven't given out the password in years (weddings, senior picture reviews, etc.) - so how can I see WHO was looking at them? Was this Lightroom syncing my folders "looking" at the pictures? Or did my site suddenly get hacked the very day I'm doing a lot of changes and such? Basically I'd really like to see IP addresses and such that were accessing the files to know if it's MY IP, local city/state, or foreign countries, etc... What tools do we have for this?


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    Please email the help desk at [email protected] so the Support Heroes can help you troubleshoot and figure out why your site is seeing all those views recently.

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    Thanks! Done.

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