I used the smugmug plugin with lightroom classic to sync my hierarchy - how to fix mismatched?

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I had another post here that it was taking 24 hours to sync the hierarchy - it seems after about 28 hours I get a popup to match photos from my lightroom library with my smugmug library. I went through about 200 pictures all of which were matching 100%. I couldn't tell how many were left, but felt confident in the algorythm and choose to match all. WOW what a mistake. How do I manually go in and correct the photos it now wants to republish that are wrong? I did the sync hierarchy again and went through a few more hundred photos all of which matched properly, but it didn't reprompt me for the ones that I'm sure are wrong already... Is there a way to match individual photos of my choosing? I can't possibly use the publish command now, since it thinks some of my family vacation photos are part of my volleyball sports pictures, etc... it's a mess.


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    We are digging into this with our Lightroom person to see if there's a better solution. Could you please write in to the help desk at [email protected] so that we can put it in the Lightroom queue and get back to you that way? You can put it to Jackie or Tyree's attention.

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