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I've received this message several times from one person trying to access a folder on my site ( -- not sure if the problem is on that persons end, or on my site -- the message I received is **"FYI, nearly every day I have to get into and get out of your site 4 - 5 times before your new daily post will show up...don't know what is going on, but you might want to check with smugmug." ** The folder she is trying to access is: ** **
Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.


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    I checked this gallery in several browsers, logged in and out, and it is showing fine for me. When this person says "before your new daily post will show up", what do they mean? Do you upload a new photo to this gallery every day, and they are not seeing it on the first visit, only after refreshing? They might have to clear their browser cache, and restart the browser.
    If you want, you can email our support at help (at) and we can investigate further.

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