Pied Kingfisher

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Saw this Kingfisher species on the banks of the Vaal River, South Africa. They are widely distributedacross Africa and Asia.

Nikon D810 | Nikkor 200-500VR f/5.6E lens with TC 14E-III attached @700mm, 1/250s, f/11, ISO-100 (handheld)


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    Very nice capture!

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    Just returned from Botswana and was treated to several shots of the Pied Kingfisher! Here is link to a shot of one of these birds hovering over the water (unfortunately did not time the shutter to capture the bird entering the water): https://guyfleischer.smugmug.com/Africa/Okavango-Delta/Avifauna/n-zbxRFG/i-NT6f8qV/A
    And my advance apologies for listing a link and not the actual photo, but is seems I am not authorized to upload photos at this time.
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    Great shot Herman.
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