Why do freshly uploaded and unmodified photos show up as "Modified to Re-Publish" when I restart LR?

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This happens all the time lately - I'll touch up my pics - add them to a smugmug gallery - and let it go overnight to upload a sports event or such. Next time I start up Lightroom, it tells me I have some photos that were modified and need to be republished, even though I've done NOTHING to those photos. Sometimes it's just a few photos and it's not a big deal, but today it's two huge galleries with hundreds of photos...?? What gives?


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    G'day Erik,

    The plugin doesn't have any control what LR thinks needs to be republished. What you have outlined is an intermittent issue that has plagued all versions of LR for as long as we have had an official plugin.

    The best way to resolve this issue if it occurs, is to select all the photos within the given gallery that are "Modified to be republished", then right-click and select ''Mark as Up-To-Date". You may have to do this twice in some cases to make it stick.

    I hope this helps.



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