RAW file format not supported!

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Since Smug Vault is no longer an option, how about coming up with a solution for those us who need a comprehensive website that supports RAW format?

I have Graphic Design and Art Director customers who are demanding RAW files.

Will you have a solution or do I have find another service that does this?

Yikes, I'd hate to leave, I like SmugMug and have become comfortable with it. Hate to have to learn a new service, and would prefer to stay. However, I will consider switching if I find an easy-to-use alternative to SmugMug that supports RAW files.



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    RAW Storage is absolutely something we'd like to support as an additional feature to your subscription.

    How would you expect RAW photos to work, alongside your edited ("portfolio") versions of the photos?

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    Aaron, It would be wonderful if there will be, in the near future, the possibility of upload RAW files! And possibly also PS/Camera Raw .xmp files and Lightroom catalogs. :)

    In my case it would be mainly as an online backup solution and also because sometimes I have to make raw files available for download to some clients. Of course I would be willing to pay an additional price to the annual subscription.

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