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dbridgemandbridgeman Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hello, I added a menu using the option - On ALL Galleries, I now want to see how this menu looks on my Home Page and Browse page but I cannot see how to move or copy it. Is it possible, or do I need to create another menu on these other pages?
Thanks in advance.


  • rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,565 Major grins

    Hi David,
    If you'd like to have the same menu that's showing on your entire site, you could add a menu content block to the "entire site" section of your site. If you add content blocks to individual sections, like "all galleries", you'd have to manually add them as well on any other section you'd want to have them on. There's not an option to copy or move a content block from one section to another.

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