RESULTS: MINI_CHALLENGE # 289 : Flowing Liquid

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That was difficult, so many great images in many different styles. So it took me a little time to sort through it all and take a decision

First the comments (now edited, after correcting some copy/paste errors in my original post):
@Herman Auer nice mix between smooth water while retaining structure in the flow. Especially the second with the small waterfall over the rock is appealing.
@Cavalier : Great set, still a nice structure in the flow of #1 and 2, but the last one takes the cake, composition is spot on and you can feel the power of the water
@JAG : Nice set, especially the criss-crossing lines of water and wood in #2 is well seen and executed
@sarasphotos : No imagination needed for #2 :) , #3 ios a nice abstract where you have to look more than once to see it all
@slpollet : #2 and 3 are my favourites of your submission. The rear of a waterfall is special and the stair steps pull the viewer into the picture
@DavidRGillespie : Nice structure in the watersurface of #1, #2 is a smart picture with the (maybe) unintended selfie as a bonus
@lkbart : #1 is indeed a devastating view, and #3 is another good example where the viewer gets pulled into the photo
@bfluegie : lovely tranquil scenes in 1 and 2 with nice moving water to guide the eye of the viewer through them. The third is more "forceful"
@grandmaR : Nice set, #3 is an absolute familiar classic for anyone who has a cat. I especially like your first picture with the reflection and the wake behind the pole

And now for the winner(s). No HM's this time, too many to mention and I've already mentioned several of my favourites in the comments above.

Third place goes to @grandmaR for "Rhone River Daymark with a very long tail - The current in the river here is about 10 knots"

Second place goes to @sarasphotos for "The kiss (use your imagination :) )"

And the winner this time is

@Cavalier with this picture:

Palouse Falls, Washington

Light, composition and the force of flowing water all come together in this magnificent photo
Congrats and looking forward what new challenge you can bring us

Pieter, aka pegelli
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