First post / looking for feedback

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Greetings everyone. I’m posting a few pictures just to get some feedback. I’ve never shared my work on any forums, so I guess this is my starting point.

I’ve been getting asked to do more headshots for the community theatre scene in my area. ( I do love theatrical productions as well so maybe I’ll post some is those later. )

I shoot with speed lights, canon 80d, 85mm, 1.8 mostly. Sometimes natural light.

The first shot is my first headshot ever. (Think I might have used a Helios 85/1.5)

And then the rest are shoots over the past 3 years I’ve been doing headshots.

Again, any feedback is welcome. I didn’t see a place to list in my profile basic information like equipment and such, but I’ll explore the site more when I’m on a desktop. ![]( "")
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