Botswana - Okavango Delta Region

GuyLeFleaGuyLeFlea Registered Users Posts: 14 Big grins


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    El GatoEl Gato Registered Users Posts: 1,242 Major grins

    Beautiful photos! This is a bucket-list destination, thank you for sharing these. I have to go, sooner than later.

    While all of your images depict a wonderful geography and location, the last image has to be my favorite. Just love the composition and the subject...well done!

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    captnemocaptnemo Registered Users Posts: 186 Major grins

    Thanks for posting Guy, always nice to see some beautiful Okavango scenery.
    @El%20Gato if you go don't forget sunscreen and or a parasol. The sun out on the mokoros can be brutal. Also don't forget to check out the rest of the country if you get a chance. There's a lot more to see then just the delta :)https://captnemo.smugmug.com/search#q=botswana

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