Photography “Bundle” offer. Worth it?

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Anyone ever try the bundle deals from 5daydeals dot com? I follow Mark Silber on YouTube. He explains the offer is for 30 courses by many different photographers for $89. Valued at $2800 of course. Thoughts ?


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    Paint me skeptical.

    I have zero personal interaction with 5daydeals, so no personal knowledge.

    I operate on the faith that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably really is too good to be true.

    Perhaps we have a reader on this thread who can be more optimistic than I.

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    The $2800 value is simply the price that the makers have placed on it, but that represents the value to them, not to us.

    The product is a long list of video tutorials, so the question is: Do we know if the quality of these video tutorials is measurably above what you can find on YouTube? If the quality is not that far above YouTube, then the next question is: How much do you value the advantage of having these video tutorials already organized and curated for you, rather than having to figure out which YouTube tutorials are the good ones, and fit your needs?

    I think the answer to that is, the more experienced you already are, the harder it is going to be for you to find value in this deal.
    I could see a beginner getting a decent value for all of these videos for $89. They start from a lower place on the learning curve, might not have already videos on a lot of these subjects, and they don't know which YouTube teachers are the good ones.

    If you're somewhere in the middle, then you value these based on how much you need to know those subjects vs how much you're willing to pay. The $2800 stated value is irrelevant, what is important is if you have a problem paying $89 based on where you are photographically. I have a feeling most photographers with a couple years of photography and Photoshop already under their belt might not find the videos to be worth $89.

    I noticed that many of the contributors have channels on YouTube already. You could conceivably write down the names of the 5 Day Deal contributors and go visit their YouTube channels instead.

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    I did the 5daydeal a few years ago. It wasn't just the classes/tutorials or e-books that drew me--it was the templates and plug-ins that appealed to me the most and I liked that at least some of the money was supposed to benefit charity. I did watch a couple of the included tutorials, but honestly just didn't find time (or interest) to watch more than that. What it did get me was a couple of plug-ins that I do use (worth the $89???? not sure) and tons and tons and tons of unwanted daily emails that 'unsubscribe' doesn't seem to phase at all. I would NOT do it again (and I haven't). In my opinion, it was just a waste of good money.

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