Elk Island National Park -- Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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Just back from a few days hiking in Elk Island National Park.

The park is located approximately 1 - 1.5 hr. +/- East/Northeast of Edmonton. The park is expansive and home to many bison, buffalo, elk, moose, beaver...you get the idea. Many different species of waterfowl where seen each day. I suspect arriving a week or two earlier, before many had started the long flight south, the bird count and diversity would have been much higher.

Fall had arrived during our visit as did some light snow and temps around -7C. When cloudy, the overcast sky contributed (IMHO) to some awesome light for photography.

Here are a few images from early in the trip....

I also took my infra-red (IR) modified D300 along this time and had a grand time shooting the many lakes, ponds, and shallows that dotted the park.

This is an IR image taken at an unnamed pond within the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

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