Add burger icon to menu widget

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edited October 7, 2019 in SmugMug Customization

Hi, on my site, I have a floating menu in the right column that has only the home page visible (all other nesting pages are drop down links). The homepage in this menu is titled "||||" to look like a vertical version of a burger.

I have created the substitute burger with multiple [shift + backward slash] keys. This works but I was wondering if I can use a real, horizontal burger in this menu, or if there is another way to create a floating burger menu.

Also, on, for some reason the floating menu is only visible until about half way down the page, instead of remaining visible until the footer section comes up. On my site, the floating "burger" lasts until the footer comes up, where I have a footer style menu, so it works great.

Thanks so much as usual,

Jana Bess
Las Vegas Nevada USA



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